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Atocha Station

Atocha Station The Atocha Station is the largest railway station in Madrid (and Spain). It is the primary station serving commuter trains, intercity and regional trains from the south, and the AVE high speed trains from Barcelona, Seville and Valencia.

Por example, in AVE train, you can go from Madrid to Valencia (and sea Mediterranean and beach) in just 1 hour and 35 minutes.

At this site, Madrid's first railway station was inaugurated on 9 February 1851. After the building was largely destroyed by fire, it was rebuilt and reopened in 1892.

The name Atocha has become attached to the station because of the nearby Royal Basilica dedicated to Our Lady of Atocha (Nuestra Señora de Atocha, in spanish). If you wish to visit this church, is located 300 meters (984 ft) from the station, on the avenue of the Ciudad de Barcelona, 1.

The train platforms were partly covered by a roof in the form of inverted hull with a height of approximately 27 meters and length of 157 meters. The steel and glass roof spreads between two brick flanking buildings.

Tropical Gargen in Atocha In 1992, the original building was taken out of service as a terminal, and converted into a concourse with shops, coffees, and a nightclub. Like the Orsay Museum in Paris, the concourse has been given a new function, this time a stunning 4,000 m² (43,055 sq ft) covered tropical botanical garden.

There are about 7,000 plants from 260 different species in the garden as well as a small lakes with freshwater fish (goldfish) and many turtles.

Most of the plants are tropical species and a good number of them are palms. Some of these palms are so tall that they reach almost to the roof of the domed building.


       Estación de Atocha
       Plaza del Emperador Carlos V, 3
       28045 Madrid
          - Tourist Office Atocha Station: +34 91 528 46 30 / +34 902 100 007
          - Renfe: +34 902 240 505 / Information, bookings and tickets: +34 902 240 505
       Web: Atocha Station

       Daily: From 05:00 a 01:00.

Subway transportation:
    * Line 1 - Atocha Renfe station.

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