Madrid Location

Madrid is located at almost the exact geographical centre of the Iberian Peninsula, at a latitude of 40 degrees 23 minutes north, 3 degrees 42 minutes west. It will come as a surprise to many of our readers to learn that Madrid is situated further west than London.

Built on a series of small mounts, between which Madrid's rather inadequate River Manzanares flows, the city's average altitude is 667 metres (2,188 ft) above sea level.

The average annual temperature in the shade is 13ºC. In the colder seasons, the minimum temperatures often fall below freezing point, although in the city itself it rarely snows. During the peak summer months the temperature can easily reach 40ºC.

Madrid's capital boundaries enclose an area of 606 km2 (233.89 sq mi), whereas the Community of Madrid occupies nearly 8,000 km2 (3,088.82 sq mi).

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